apola Human Solutions


About Apola

Our History

Apola Absolute Solutions was founded in 1995 as a specialist recruitment company offering recruitment and contracting services to the Telecommunications industry. In 1997, it was launched as an onshore company under the Apola Human Solutions name. Since then it has diversified its operations in the areas of Strategic Human Resource Consulting.

Apola Human Solutions is one of Cyprus’s leading support services organizations, with strength and diversity across HR, business and consultancy. Apola offers its customers creative and integrated solutions to improve overall business performance. Operating from our offices in Cyprus, we  have access through our network of affiliated companies to databases in Europe and the United States.

Following an acquisition in January 2001, Apola became the Human Solutions Division of Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd.

Hyperion Systems Engineering Limited was founded in 1993, and since then, has become a leader in its field. Hyperion is a dynamic and fast growing company that specializes in the delivery of high quality, custom-made technical and engineering consulting solutions to industry worldwide. As Hyperion’s Human Solutions Division, Apola offers a complete range of quality human resources solutions from recruitment to HR management. Hyperion’s consulting activities complement our own, and together we are able to offer a wider range of consulting solutions to our clients.


Our Philosophy – Human Systems

Modern businesses are complex systems of human resources, natural resources, financial resources and man-made structures, equipment and tools. These systems are human-made, are created, operated and directed by humans, and need humans to exist. They are Human Systems. As modern businesses cross borders into new markets and resources, they become even more complex, needing to adapt to new cultures and business styles. To operate in a global environment, they have to be efficient and effective in the use of their resources. In the Human Systems approach, humans are at the center of all business activity. All other resources are operated, handled or managed by humans. Optimizing the human factor allows a company to optimize all business activities. If it has the right decision makers - financial, operational, logistics, legal, technology etc. – they will equip it with the appropriate tools, create the appropriate internal and external structures and utilize all other resources in the most appropriate way for the business.

In the Human Systems approach, the critical issue for the success for any business is to optimize its human resources. The human resources of any business are optimized when:

  1. The right human skills are on hand for allocation.
  2. The right human skills are matched with the right tasks.
  3. The appropriate human structures are in place to enable humans to perform at their true potential.
  4. The human skills and structures are continuously monitored and improved based on the future needs of the system.