apola Human Solutions


Acquiring HR




We offer a range of solutions such as:

  • Conduct a systematic job analysis to identify the tasks involved and their behavioral requirements.
  • Create an accurate job description that identifies the tasks, duties, and responsibilities in a job, and develop a person specification that determines the requirements the applicant must possess.
  • Advertise the job through the appropriate media providing sufficient information to attract suitable applicants and to deter unsuitable ones.
  • Collect and sort received CVs.
  • Perform evaluation and classification of CVs based on the requirements identified in the person specification. Create the First Interview Short List.
  • Develop structured interview questions for a more valid and reliable assessment of candidates.
  • Conduct First Interviews and where appropriate use psychometric tests to create a better picture of the candidate in highly reliable terms.
  • Prepare the First Interview Findings Report, an evaluation of the candidates’ first interview performance. Prepare and mail Rejection letters to rejected candidates.
  • Undertake the arrangements for the Second Interviews with the client.
  • Support the client during the interviews for an accurate selection decision.


For executive and senior managerial positions, we work closely with our clients to identify target candidates who have a demonstrated record of accomplishment in the desired field and industry.

We develop an engagement strategy and initiate discreet and confidential communication with the targeted candidates in order to evaluate interest and expectations.

The whole process is executed having our client’s information kept completely confidential until the final stages of the process where the candidates who have expressed clear interest for the position and are approved by the client are introduced to the client for final negotiations.